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    emergency dispatch i think something's wrong
    with words its so hard to construe
    the images follow a dream through a song
    the nightmare has finally come true

    rhetorical speeches are made on the screen
    to shut us up and rest assure
    an obviously panicked media machine
    is testing the will of a country so unsure

    mission complete we lost control
    suddenly frightened by it all
    to put it simply we will never be the same
    there is no redemption in this war
    so please don't forget what this is for
    cause that's how our history is made

    security cop with their hands in the air
    the lock on the gate was destroyed
    now everyone rises from the lassiez faire
    we can empty the cup but we cannot fill the void

    without an enemy to kill
    the blood of the innocent is spilled
    to put it lightly we are not wanting to see
    prepare yourself for disaster now
    so few are sane here anyhow
    i realize that words don't justify the pain

    set up the guillotine
    and televise the execution
    we have to ask ourselves, can we feel safe?

    you can't spell believe without lie

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