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    Do not be sad
    Let's enjoy life
    Not stand still
    Look around and see
    So many happy things to do
    Go shopping at the mall
    We pop the card
    We are rich
    And we can do what he wants
    So we can not buy love a person
    We are beautiful and millionaire
    We travel new places
    People run behind the people
    We are the glamorous
    We superstars
    Stars of fashion
    Do not be sad
    Their independence and that
    Do not be sad
    You and independent
    The world want our clothes
    Tras's wealth but not happiness
    We do not depend on men
    To live our lives
    These other women
    Dependent for men
    Feed, clothe, and have fun
    Will be independent
    And drop to be humiliated
    Let's get out of the past
    That women had to serve
    Those men loose
    We do not deserve this life
    So the cooking, washing and ironing
    We are now in the modern world
    Dominate in the world
    Do not be sad
    And that their independence
    Do not be sad
    You and independent

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