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    One moment you are walking down some lonely road
    Another minute and it strikes you where it counts
    Got all the symptoms of infatu-monia
    And I guess it's just as bad as it sounds

    O-oh and when you're going to sleep at night
    It haunts you when you're tossing around
    'Cause you know that it's true
    There's no cure for this to be found

    I think I see myself falling
    I'm calling on the angels above
    I feel my heart keeps stalling
    Every time you're near me but I just can't get enough

    It's not a matter of will or want it's gotta hold of you
    Your palms are sweaty
    And your heartbeat's way too fast
    You got you heart into a situation
    And whatever you'll do it's gonna last

    O-oh and when you wake up from dreams
    You'll find your heart has got the better of you
    Now you've got to give in
    'Cuz there's nothing else left to do

    [CHORUS 2x]

    Cuz when you're going back in time fell of loneliness
    (I only wanna feel somebody around)
    There's one thing that you realize
    With every heartbeat you wished
    There was someone to hold


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