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    Everybody says I always look so happy they always tell me you're so good for me
    They never seem to worry but I try to hide
    Cause I keep it covered up so they can't see
    It's funny what a little hairdye can do it can take the years right off of you
    But there's one thing that it can't take away
    And that's these heartaches that haunt me night and day
    My hairdresser covers up the grey and I paint on a good old smile to go out everyday
    I've kept the hurt concealed the real me never shows only me and my hairdresser know
    [ ac.guitar ]
    Appearances can often be decieving and even though the truth one can hide
    But underneath it all the truth is hurting and as long as I've got make up I've got cry
    My hairdresser covers up...
    Only me and my hairdresser know

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