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    So talk to me, and stop to cry for the losts of your life
    The science can't explain the confusion in your mind
    Walking alone in the grass I cross the field
    Of my head

    Keep your imagination to fly away
    And you reminds me my last day
    I'm the chula man
    I know I'm I do
    So chula, chula with you !

    I'm the last hope to put by the root
    The evil touch in the head of sad people
    So come with me to give, to give the peace

    Keep your imagination to fly away
    And forget your desires
    Please think in the consequences
    I see to me to you
    Nice to meet you
    Nice to meet you too.

    Chula in the end
    So hold my hand
    And don't look to your back
    You have to go straight in the road of life
    And never forget
    The good moments.


    Keep your imagination to fly away
    And never stop to believe in happy days
    Maybe they come in
    But the life is here and now.

    So live!

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