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    1. Iron Maiden
    2. Running Free
    3. Transylvania
    4. Sanctuary
    5. Wrathchild
    6. Run To The Hills
    7. Children Of The Damned
    8. The Number Of The Beast
    9. 22 Acacia Avenue
    10. Transylvania
    11. The Prisoner
    12. Hallowed Be Thy Name
    13. Phantom Of The Opera (The Reading Festival '82)
    14. Iron Maiden (The Reading Festival '82)
    1. Prowler (The Reading Festival '80)
    2. Remember Tomorrow (The Reading Festival '80)
    3. Killers (The Reading Festival '80)
    4. Running Free (The Reading Festival '80)
    5. Transylvania (The Reading Festival '80)
    6. Iron Maiden (The Reading Festival '80)
    7. Moonchild (Monsters Of Rock Festival, Donington '8
    8. Wrathchild (Monsters Of Rock Festival, Donington '
    9. Infinite Dreams (Monsters Of Rock Festival, Doning
    10. The Trooper (Monsters Of Rock Festival, Donington
    11. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Monsters Of Rock Fe
    12. The Number Of The Beast (Monsters Of Rock Festival
    13. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Monsters Of Rock Festival, D
    14. Iron Maiden (Monsters Of Rock Festival, Donington
    1. Burning Ambition
    2. Drifter (Live) (The Marquee Club)
    3. Invasion
    4. Remember Tomorrow (Live) (Italy Oct 1981)
    5. I've Got The Fire
    6. Cross-Eyed-Mary
    7. Rainbow's Gold
    8. King Of Twilight
    9. Reach Out
    10. That Girl
    11. Juanita
    12. Sheriff Of Huddersfield
    13. Black Bart Blues
    14. Prowler '88
    15. Charlotte The Harlot '88
    1. All In Your Mind
    2. Kill Me Ce Soir
    3. I'm A Mover
    4. Communication Breakdown
    5. Nodding Donkey Blues
    6. Space Station No. 5
    7. I Can't See My Feelings
    8. Roll Over Vic Vella
    9. Justice Of The Peace
    10. My Generation
    11. Doctor, Doctor
    12. Blood On The World's Hands (Gothenberg, 11/95)
    13. The Aftermath (Gothenberg, 11/95)
    14. Futureal (Ed Hunter Tour '99)
    15. Wasted Years - '99 (Ed Hunter Tour '99)
    1. Murders In The Rue Morgue (Previously Unreleased)
    2. Wrathchild (Previously Unreleased)
    3. Run To The Hills (Previously Unreleased)
    4. Children Of The Damned (Previously Unreleased)
    5. The Number Of The Beast (Previously Unreleased)
    6. Another Life (Previously Unreleased)
    7. Killers (Previously Unreleased)
    8. 22 Acacia Ave (Previously Unreleased)
    9. Total Eclipse (Previously Unreleased)
    1. Transylvania (Previously Unreleased)
    2. The Prisoner (Previously Unreleased)
    3. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Previously Unreleased)
    4. Phantom Of The Opera (Previously Unreleased)
    5. Iron Maiden (Previously Unreleased)
    6. Sanctuary (Previously Unreleased)
    7. Drifter (Previously Unreleased)
    8. Running Free (Previously Unreleased)
    9. Prowler (Previously Unreleased)

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    Silently to silence fall
    in the fields of futile war
    Toys of death are spitting lead
    Where boys that were our soldiers bled
    war horse and war machine

    Curse the name of liberty
    Marching on as if they should
    mix in the dirt our brothers' blood

    In the mud and rain
    what are we fighting for
    Is it worth the pain
    Is it worth dying for
    Who will take the blame
    Why did they make a war
    Questions that come again
    Should we be fighting at all

    Once a ploughman hitched his team
    Here he sowed his little dream
    Now bodies arms and legs are strewn
    Where musterd gas and barbwire bloom
    Each moment's like a year
    I've nothing left inside for tears
    Comrades dead or dying lie
    I'm left alone asking why

    repeat chorus

    After the war
    Left feeling no one has won
    After the war
    What does a soldier become

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