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    Depraved indulement - animosity
    Depopulation - I need to see
    Your world is nothing - I curse it all
    I won't follow all the lies,
    I'll despise your fucking life

    Inferior life code - supremacy
    Contradiction that dwells in me
    No adjudgements can you expect from me
    Your face on the gravel is all I long to see

    Insufferable despair - that mankind still breeds
    I do not care, you're the one who bleeds

    No solution - you'll find in me
    This weak religion wont set y'all free
    A lack of sense and ideals I spit in your face
    Inferior life code preached - fuck the human race

    Insufferable despair - an unspeakable load
    You're ants nothing more - inferior life code

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