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    I know you don't love me
    And you often say
    You'd be better off without me
    In your way

    Although you don't love me
    And it may be true
    It's my life and you can't stop me
    Loving you

    It's my life, I must live it
    'Cause I'm living my life for you, just you
    It's my heart, I can give it
    And I'm giving my heart to you, just you

    Some day you may need me
    And perhaps you'll see
    That life can be very lonely
    When you're free

    You may find you've lost me
    You'll be on your own
    You may find out how you need me
    When I'm gone

    It's your life you must live it
    Just as I once lived mine for you, just you
    It's your heart you may give it
    When I have nothing left for you.

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