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    Even thought we are not together baby
    You can always call me if you need me
    I got respect for what we once shared
    Nothing's gonna change what we had
    I know you too well baby I can tell you're hurting so much
    The pain he put you trough I know its hard and you had enough
    But you try to keep it all inside
    But I see it in your eyes

    So cry on my shoulder babe
    I wipe your tears away
    Just let me ease the things he pain the put you trough
    You he doesn't have a clue how to treat you babe
    You deserve so much my babe
    And I'm glad you let him go
    Comeback, comeback to me
    I'll give you what you need

    See I knew the time the telephone ring
    You dint have to say
    I heard it on your voice
    The way you said my name
    That you need it me to hold to make you fell all right
    You know I'm here for you and girl I know you're ready to ride
    Don't you worry baby you'll be fine
    Ill be here for you so you can go ahead and


    I'm sorry for the pain he put you trough
    You know he ain't no good to you
    Do you remember me and you together in the past
    Loving kissing sharing touching living all we had
    So lets do it again, take my hand so baby we can begin
    A brand new journey that well share between me and you
    Let the tears come down your eyes and so you can go ahead and


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