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    Play it again
    Play it again
    Take me back
    to you know when
    Let's hear it sam
    for good old
    world war two

    Play it sam
    Play it again
    The world was
    simple then
    back when
    hearts were brave
    and love was true

    we knew the good guys
    we knew the bad
    Right was right
    And wrong was wrong
    Accordin' to mom and dad
    (and we believed them)
    Then a war
    was called
    a war
    Proud as trumpet horns
    But a rose
    by any other name
    still has thorns

    Play it sam
    Play it for me
    Take me where
    I want to be
    Back with you
    and good old
    world war two
    Far away
    I just can't make
    Far as I can be
    from good old
    world war three.

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