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    Bang Bang

    She woke me up with the Bang Bang
    Lookin' over crossed eyed
    Had a big hunch that the world was a big lie
    When I got up all the blood to my head
    I got so dizzy fell back into my bed
    I went over to the wayside
    Lookin' for the high tide
    What will I find
    Will I find
    Will I find find
    All I saw was a man that had a hat that had a pompom
    He's been there for years
    Can someone tell me how long?

    Wake up to tell me
    Wake up to show me what I could not find
    Wake up to tell me
    Wake up to show me what I could not

    Ya see this woman woke me up at a quarter to 3: 00
    And I didn't know it then but she put a spell on me
    Said I had to go down to where the cliffs meet the sea
    And meet and old man to present my plea
    So I headed way down to that big pier
    To wait and confront my big fear
    I wheeled around behind to my blind side
    To find an old man with a lime and a kind eye
    Said "Mister, Mister, with your beard so long
    Won't you be a saint tell me just where I'm goin'"
    He pointed to a conch shell and then to the lime
    And said this is all I really need to get by

    Wake up to tell me
    Wake up to show me what I could not find
    Wake up to tell me
    Wake up to show me what I could not

    Hey (hey) Mister man
    I know ya don't know who ya think I think I am
    But I can safely say
    That I shoulda been sleepin' (been sleepin', been sleepin', been sleepin'...)
    The day away
    Hey Hey

    I said exscuse me
    Have you got the time?
    He shrugged his shoulders said "Get a spine"
    Coconut hit me on the head jonesin' for a fig
    "I got booked last night... I need another fix, dig? "

    Just then i see a twinkle twinkle in the old man's eye
    And a wave tossed bottle is thrown to the sky
    I cought it on the rebound and landed with a soft sound
    I took out the message and put the bottle down
    Inside was the antidote to the spell
    I read it to the man 'cause he couldn't read so well
    Said don't worry about a thing ya know your path is true
    Just ease your mind have a bannana or two
    Well goodness goodness whoa is me
    The man nearly flipped to learn he was free
    But just before we left he started kickin' it
    I picked up the bottle and star sixed it
    Kick kick shuffle shuffle back to the beach with a tune on my lips and my quest in reach
    That woman come to see you with her song so sweet
    Say "Damn let the poor sucker sleep... let him sleep"

    Wake up to tell me
    Wake up to show me what I could not find
    Wake up to tell me
    Wake up to show me what I could not find

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