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    The poundin' of the big bustyres in a hot tarline I gotta play another matinee
    This old guitar's gettin' worn but not as worn as me but I just keep on singing away
    You should understand that all us picking Nashville cats are tired
    And we're thinkin' bout a love of yesterday
    Well that'll keep us goin' for another show or two and I'll just keep on singing away
    Played a show last night in Tuscon Arizona the one tonight's about three days away
    If I ever get back home I bet the kids won't know me
    Here comes Mr Daddy hear they'll say

    Spent too many hours with those good ol' friends of mine
    Could be late for that show we're gonna play
    If my head will let me make it I'll make it through the night
    And I'll just keep on singing away

    [ guitar ]

    Played a show last night in Tuscon Arizona...

    I'd give a hundred dollars for a homecooked meal
    If I make it back I think I'm gonna stay
    That's what my mind keeps thinking but I know that won't change
    And I'll just keep on singing away
    How about that Toronto to Houston to Chicago trip in that order
    I know gets to be some sorta drag but we keep at it
    Imagine that seems like you're goin' to bed at 3:45
    And gettin' up at quarter to four never changes

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