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    My house is hard to find, but I'll give you directions,
    You can visit sometime, down where all that I built surrounds me
    Just make sure your car's got good shocks
    There's steep hills, there's potholes, there's rocks
    I work in the garden, my son plays around me
    Close the gate behind you, there's a horse that can't get out
    I will see you first, is that all right
    And can you remember, can you remember

    This is not the house that pain built
    This is not the house that pain built
    I was drowning in something, I jumped in the rift
    And you knew me back then, when I spat on my gift, but no

    It's tough and it's tiring when you go it alone
    I learned about wiring, I learned about stone
    The building is done but the work's never through
    And I won't give up, no how, it reminds me of who I am and where I am now
    I remember myself, that's the work that I do
    On a spring night when the snow is melting
    You'll see two sets of footprints walking
    Look at all the stars, and turn around, and walk home,
    Slowly walk home.

    This is not the house that pain built
    That is not a house that pain ubilt
    My friends all think that I holed up and hid
    But I tell them I didn't, you know I don't think I did, no.

    And this is where I let my pain go
    This is where I let my pain go

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