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    Why do I pay you to insult me and make me feel like shit
    I can't believe I've worked this hard to let you benefit
    For every slice that I get, you get two slices more
    You've become my pimp and I've become your little whore
    It goes around in circles, the torture never stops
    You get all the earnings and all I get is props

    Wipe that smile from off your face
    You're in court without a case, and you'll get nothing

    I do all the dirty work and you make all your plans
    You pull my strings and I play right into your hands
    What's wrong with this picture, someone's playing tricks
    How come I always end up with the short end of the stick
    It really makes me question why I go with your advice
    You make me hate the job that used to be my life


    I end up giving more, but still recieving less
    I do all the cleaning up and you make all the mess
    Your enemies are useless if you don't have any friends
    And all your great connections are just people you offend
    I'm sick of being assfucked, god knowws how much you owe
    You took more than what was yours but you can't steal my show


    by: blasted16

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