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    1. My Journey's End
    2. Time and Time Again
    3. Ever Step I Take (Every Move I Make)
    4. You've Got Me Hummin'
    5. Amplifier Fire
    6. Only a Man [Demo Version]
    7. She's Got a Way [Album Version]
    8. Oyster Bay
    9. Piano Man
    10. The Siegfield Line [Demo Version]
    11. New Mexico [Demo Version]
    12. Cross to Bear [Demo Version]
    13. Miami 2017 [Demo Version]
    14. These Rhinestone Days [Demo Version]
    15. Everybody Has a Dream
    16. Only the Good Die Young [Alternate Version]
    17. Until the Night [Album Version]
    18. Zanzibar [Album Version]
    19. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me [Album Version]
    1. Captain Jack [Live]
    2. The End of the World [Demo Version]
    3. The Prime of Your Life [Demo Version]
    4. She's Right on Time [Album Version]
    5. Elvis Presley Blvd.
    6. Nobody Knows But Me
    7. An Innocent Man [Album Version]
    8. Christie Lee [Demo Version]
    9. Easy Money [Album Version]
    10. And So It Goes [Demo Version]
    11. I'll Cry Instead [Live]
    12. Keeping the Faith 12" Dance Remix]
    13. Modern Woman [Album Version]
    14. Baby Grand
    15. Getting Closer [Alternate Version]
    16. House of Blue Light
    17. Money or Love [Demo Version]
    18. The Times They Are A-Changin' [Album Version][Live
    1. The Downeaster "Alexa" [Album Version]
    2. I Go to Extremes [Live]
    3. Shout
    4. All Shook Up
    5. Heartbreak Hotel
    6. When You Wish Upon a Star
    7. In a Sentimental Mood
    8. Motorcycle Song [Demo Version]
    9. You Picked a Real Bad Time
    10. The River of Dreams [Alternate Version]
    11. A Hard Day's Night
    12. Light as the Breeze
    13. To Make You Feel My Love
    14. Hey Girl
    15. Why Should I Worry
    16. Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?
    17. Highway 61 Revisited [Demo Version]
    1. Movin' Out
    2. You May Be Right [Live]
    3. Big Shot
    4. Don't Worry Baby
    5. Goodnight Saigon [Vietnam Veterans Version]
    6. Los Angelenos
    7. New York State of Mind
    8. Opus 1. Soliloquy (On a Separation)
    9. Opus 8/Suite for Piano/Star-Crossed/I. Innamorato
    10. Opus 8/Suite for Piano/Star-Crossed/II. Sorbetto
    11. Opus 8/Suite for Piano/Star-Crossed/III. Delusion
    12. Elegy: The Great Peconic
    13. [Untitled Track]
    1. No Man's Land [DVD] [Live]
    2. Pressure [DVD] [Live]
    3. Ballad of Billy the Kid [DVD] [Live]
    4. Leningrad [DVD] [Live]
    5. Allentown [DVD] [Live]
    6. My Life [DVD] [Live]
    7. I Go to Extremes [DVD] [Live]
    8. Shades of Grey [DVD] [Live]
    9. The River of Dreams [DVD] [Live]
    10. Goodnight Saigon [DVD] [Live]
    11. We Didn't Start the Fire [DVD] [Live]
    12. A Hard Day's Night [DVD] [Live]
    13. Big Shot [DVD] [Live]
    14. Piano Man [DVD] [Live]

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    I never ask you where you go
    After I leave you in the morning
    We go our different ways to separate situations
    It's not that easy anymore

    Today I do what must be done
    I give my time to total strangers
    But now it feels as though the day goes on forever
    More than it ever did before

    Until the night, until the night
    I just might make it
    Until the night, until the night
    When I see you again

    Now you're afraid that we have changed
    And I'm afraid we're getting older
    So many broken hearts, so many lonely faces
    So many lovers come and gone

    I'll have my fears like every man
    You'll have your tears like every woman
    Today we'll be unsure, is this what we believe in
    And wonder how can we go on

    Until the night, until the night
    I just might make it
    Until the night, until the night
    When I see you again

    When the sun goes down
    And the day is over
    When the last of the light has gone
    As they pour into the street
    I will be getting closer
    As the cars turn their headlights on
    While they're closing it down
    We're gonna open it up
    And while they're going to sleep
    We'll just be starting to touch
    I'm just beginning to feel
    I'm just beginning to give
    I'm just beginning to feel
    I'm just beginning to live
    Before I leave you again
    Before the light of the dawn
    Before this evening can end
    I have been waiting so long

    Until the night, until the night
    I just might make it
    Until the night, until the night
    I'll just keep holding on
    Until the night, until the night
    When I see you again

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