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    Written by: Tom Shapiro, Ron Hellard

    I'm as lonely as it gets
    Wish I could say I've no regrets
    But I didn't realize back then
    Just exactly what I had
    Now I do and it's so sad
    I miss you bad

    I shoulda listened
    To the beating of my heart when I held you colse
    To the words I said when I said
    "I'll never let you go"
    I shoulda listened
    To the voice inside my head that said "It's love"
    Now all I hear
    Is the sound of falling tears
    I shoulda listened

    My mind
    Doesn't hesistate to say,
    "You fool, you let her slip away"
    But I just don't want to hear the truth
    I try to cover my ears
    But I'm coming in louder and clear
    Wish I had when you were here


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