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    I've lost my days no sleeping
    Since the first time that I've heard your voice
    I've realized that's no meaning
    To live my life without your touch

    Too many nights are passing by
    But my search for you still goes on
    Down on my knees on this graveyard
    I scream your name in the pouring rain

    Through deadly fields of sorrow
    I rise my head with nothing but pain
    Through deadly fields of sorrow
    My search still goes on

    All I knew was malice no comrades, no folks
    Selling drama, tragic purifying rage

    You mold, you say, I'm turning
    Delights of fragile world
    You taught me to believe in
    There's no such things as ghosts
    No way, of ghosts, believe...

    This is my time the lights are shinning bright on me,
    they obfuscate me at all
    I finally found the peace of mind the missed part of my soul,
    my eyes can clearly see

    Fields of sorrow, you taught me to believe in
    Fields of sorrow, delights of fragile world
    Fields of sorrow...

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