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    Dreaming of a different light
    And the people feed the fire
    An experiment that failed
    Created virtual royalblood
    Facing the enemy
    A new kind of war where the
    Only ones to carry on
    Are made of stone cold steel

    Iron claws of terror
    Penetrate our hearts
    Mankind invented evil
    Then set it free

    History of times to come
    Where's the paradise?
    Guardians of night still call
    From the other side

    Pull the plug! You say
    and the hero saves the day
    When nightmares and reality
    Unite and become one

    A brainwashed society
    Where the leaders cannot see
    The visions of an alien
    Until all dreams are gone

    Iron claws of terror
    Infiltrate our minds
    Mandkind brought out the evil
    And now you see...

    Soldiers without face invade
    The temple of mankind

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