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    Well northern Georgia highway 41
    Beside the carpet mills and the gas stations
    There was a music store slash radio shack
    With the sound of dreamers jammin' in the back
    Well we rocked all night and we rolled all day
    We never bought nothing but we sure did play
    The music was loud and the girls were pretty
    There was always a magic down at Pete's Music City

    Well we had electric guitars just a gathering dust
    And a chrome mike stand with just a little bit of rust
    And a couple of amps with the volume on ten
    And when the last bell ringed that's when the music began
    And we rocked all night...

    Well the years have been long and they ain't been kind
    They say all that's left is the old faded sign
    But the music's still ringing loud in my heart
    Down at Pete's Music City where I got my start
    Well we rocked all night...

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