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    Moving on a pale moon night
    Staring at the taillights of a
    Truck that rips the road apart in front of me.
    Watch your right hand shifting gear,
    Wond'ring what I'm doing here,
    'cause both our minds are occupied by memories.
    Like the forests in my eyes
    Are the pillars of the sky,
    Impeach your youth and call it your prerogative.
    Time and time again it seems,
    We're always somewhere in between
    And that's the truth, it's in the way we live.
    Ray ray rain, if we feel the same,
    Give me a sign, we're running out of time.
    Spiders, snakes and lizardheads,
    Tell the tale, we'll all be dead.
    Indulging me and my fantasy.
    Feeding on the tender needs,
    What we are is what we breed.
    Insulting me with your jealousy.
    Ray ray rain, if you feel the same,
    Give me a sign, give me a sign.
    Ray ray rain, say you feel the same, cause you
    Don't think that I can wait another day.
    And no it's not okay.
    Explain yourself and say,
    No one ever said that live is fair.
    Six times in a row, and when it starts to grow,
    Walking up and down Trafalgar Square.
    Right down from the start, right down from the heart,
    Finding ways that no one thought were there

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