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    [50 Cent]
    G-Unit, UTP
    G-Unit, UTP, G-Unit, UTP
    G-Unit, UTP, 50 Cent, get 'em bucked

    [Verse 1(50 Cent)]
    50 Cent, that's my name
    Man I ain't fuckin' playin'
    I move on you wit' that Mac mayn (Mac mayn)
    Come off, now watch your chain
    Fo' I blow out your brains
    Shells hit your chest go out your back mayn (back mayn)
    See me I put in work, man I been doin' dirt
    For so long when niggas get laid out (laid out)
    Niggas run through my crib, to holla at the kid
    That's when I start bringin' them thangs out (thangs out)
    Then we go through the strip, hangin' up out the whip
    Dumpin' clips off at they whole clique man (clique man)
    When witnesses around, they know how we get down
    So when the cops come they ain't see shit mayn (shit mayn)
    My soldiers slangin' 'caine, sunny, snow, in sleet or rain
    Come through the hood and you can cop that (cop that)
    I'm sittin' on some change, G-Unit gots the game
    Come through here stuntin' you get popped at (popped at)

    [Chorus] x2
    I love to pump crack, love to stay strapped
    Love to squeeze gats but you don't hear me though
    I love to hit the block, I love my two Glocks
    Love to bust shots but you don't hear me though

    [Verse 2(Young Buck)]
    I came in this game knowin' niggas gon' hate me
    Just for the simple fact they know that I'm a rida' (rida')
    I got a hell of a aim, I keep on tellin' ya mayn
    I swear ain't nobody gon' find ya (find ya)
    When I get lifted I'm tempted to tear your block up
    Your niggas can't run cause I'm behind ya (behind ya)
    Me and Chilly in your city wit' a couple nine-milli's
    You better stay in line bro' (in line bro')
    Cause if I walk it I'll talk it, you know we'll walk up and pop it
    I love the sound of gunfire bro' (fire bro')
    Right now we smackin' 'em wit' platinum
    And they hate it cause we made it, that's what we keep that iron for (that iron
    I represent it cause I'm in it, UTP until I'm finished
    Juvenile, they can't stop us (can't stop us)
    And I admit it, I live it
    I'll knock a baller off his pivot with this motherfuckin' choppa'

    [Chorus 2x]

    [Verse 3(50 Cent)]
    My twenty-inches spinnin', you always see me grinin'
    And you hear niggas call me grimey (grimey)
    They hit me wit' them bricks, and I ain't pay 'em shit
    I'm outta town, they can't find me (find me)
    When I come back around, man I'ma back 'em down
    I run up bustin' that Tec mayn (Tec mayn)
    If you ain't got a gun, and you can't fuckin' run
    My advice is you hit the deck mayn (deck mayn)
    But if you get away and come back another day
    My soldiers'll leave you wet mayn (wet mayn)
    Cause we know where you be, and we know where you stay
    And we'll come trippin' through your set mayn (set mayn)
    Man you heard what I said, now get it in your head
    I ain't payin' no fuckin' debt mayn (debt mayn)
    Cause you'se a middle man, but you don't understand
    You'se a fuckin' fake ass connect' mayn (connect' mayn)

    [Chorus 2x]

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